ITT Mackay MSR 8050


ITT Mackay MSR 8050

HF Transceiver 1.5-30 MHz USB,LSB,AM,CW,FSK.

Found at American Milspec.

And Scott gives always reliable and good service.

The documentation on the link left is from the MSR 8050 A. the A type is a bit different and have some more options like low power and rf gain.

Therefore the front and the software are different also the control board, see pictures.

The MSR 8050 A.

To expand some options, I,ve made some modifications.

These mods are not very difficult, the radio is prepared.

First my cw filter extension.

In the A type it is an optionboard you never will find.

So we make it homebrew.

Ordered some xtals by KENT Electronics for 68 Eurocent/p.

Add cw filter mod.

Homebrew CW filter 2 pole.

The IF is 5 MHz and with the injection CW tone from 1 KHz in the LSB spectrum,

(is after mixer USB) need the centerfrequence to be 4999 KHz.

Not good enough.

Then make a 4 pole.

Much better.

Bandwidth abt. 500 Hz.

Did not use the optional slot but extended the  IF filterboard 1A15.

Inside view.

I love CW so this is a real improvement.

Add RF-gain mod.

    In the MSR 8050 A, the RF-gain is standard.              In my MSR 8050 not.

Lucky to have the on/off switch available, not in use normally.

Need an extra relay for switching between squelch and rf gain.

Another future modification is to use the powerlevel buttons on the front to select 10-50-100 Watt.