WS62 Auster

WS-62 in Auster vliegtuig


In 1954 was het niet langer gewenst de WS-62 in het Auster vliegtuig operationeel te hebben, deze werd vervangen voor een VHF set. De WS-62 die naar MKIII gemodificeerd was moest weer terug naar MKII.

Note received from Graeme Wormald, G3GGL…  “during 1950-52 I did my National Service in the very first NS aircrew course (pilot), ending up with 19 sqdn (Meteors). During this period I often saw Auster AOPs (visiting Army Air Corps, etc.) fitted with WS 62. It was clamped to the floor of the aircraft, facing upwards, in front of the observer’s seat (side-by-side with the pilot). The aerial was a fixed wire on the airframe; to the top of the fin, I think.”   Thanks, Graeme.                                From